由于CloudCone有提供随时删除机器的功能,所以我们很多网友在使用其VPS之后如果IP被封之后重新开通。但是这些被封的IP地址重新回到服务器可开设的IP库中,如果我们有开到被封的IP会无法使用。如果我们在开通CloudCone VPS之后无法连接SSH,或者PING不通,需要检查是否被封。


We've gotten few requests similar to yours, if you can ping the IP but not connect to SSH, it could be that your IP has been blocked by the Chinese Firewall.

Due to IPs being blocked on China frequently and since we cannot guarantee fresh IPs as the IPs are being re-assigned, we have an IP change policy which can help you

Changing the IP to a new IP will cost you a once-off administrative fee of $0.5, where we will guarantee that the IP is accessible in China at the time of change.